About Us


We are a church that believes our faith, although ancient, impacts everything we do today. Our faith in Jesus Christ isn’t simply measured by the things we know but fully measured in the things we do! Our church is driven to action by the life changing power of the gospel story. What we value most as a church can be summed up in three words: Love, Truth, and Mission.

Because of the unconditional LOVE God has for us, we LOVE Him and we LOVE others. The way to know the unsurpassed love of God is only found in the TRUTH of God’s Word. Because God’s word is TRUTH, we seek to adjust all our thoughts, preconceived ideas and convictions to what TRUTH tells us. Because of our LOVE of God and the guidance of TRUTH, we seek to live our lives individually and corporately on MISSION to share the good news of Christ and meet the needs of others. We hold a deep conviction that MISSION is something done outside the walls of the church building.

We don’t measure faithfulness or success by attendance but by LOVE, TRUTH, AND MISSION lived out in our lives!